Tuesday, June 4, 2013

White Flowers

So this little patch of garden space is the start of my new white flower garden.  I saw this idea in a gardening book that I had received some time ago.  The idea is that a garden filled with just white flowers will "sparkle in the sunlight and glow in the moonlight". I thought this part of my yard would be a good spot...well let's put it this way, this was one of the places I wanted to put it and it was confirmed by my husband and neighbor who used to work with a landscape architect. Anyway, my other thought was that with all the color from above, the white would stand out and compliment the colors above and behind.

I ordered some things online and last night the first shipment came in and I went out there and put them in.  I got a small hosta with white flowers, Achillea Angel's Breath (a plant that looks like baby's breath), and Achillea Ballerina (flowers that look like white carnations).  Still coming is a white rosebush, white phlox, a white clematis, and white tulip bulbs.  I know that it won't look like much now, but next year things will come up nicely.

I had the white ceramic rabbit in another part of the garden and I thought he would look nice here among the white flowers when they come in. He belonged to my step-father and had sat in my house in a corner until last year when I brought him outside.  The vertical slab standing in the corner is a brass rubbing of a knight that I found which to me reminded me of the white knight so I thought it fit.  I can't wait until next spring when these flowers get established and the garden takes off.  This is my new favorite spot in my garden and it is next to my bench, so morning coffee will be extra special next spring.

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