Tuesday, June 11, 2013

In the Saddle Again

After a several month long hiatus from bicycle riding, I have started up again.  Last weekend, my husband and I joined our biking buddy and did the Farm Park.  This is really not the thing one should do after being off the bike for six months, but we took it slow and I managed to do all the hill climbs without getting off the bike.  I was pretty proud of that.

I expected to be pretty sore the next day and was surprised to find not one muscle hurting when I woke up.  I felt really good, albeit a little tired.  I felt so good, that my husband and I decided to go riding later that day.  We got our gear on and our bikes out and as soon as I sat on the seat I realized that something did hurt!  It took a good half of the ride before I could sit on the seat without wincing.

So we took a few days off and I went riding this weekend and the saddle felt ever so much more comfortable.  We did, however only did 16 miles.  Babysteps.  Before I know it my saddle time will be up and we will doing 20 miles or more every time we ride as we did before.

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