Thursday, July 30, 2009

Continuing Saga

The other day I reported that I had read the news about an attack on the bike trail where the victim pulled his gun to defend himself. Well, the saga continues. Today, it was found that the 17 year old youth who did the attack was operating a bicycle chop shop in the basement of his father’s home. They found 15-20 bikes in various states of completion and found that he was re-assembling them and selling them. The kid was arrested for the assault and is facing simple assault charges in the juvenile system. In addition, the DA is currently “re-evaluating” the charges against the man who discharged the weapon. Maybe that is a politcial decision on her part.

I am really glad they charged the youth. I understand that they might possibly drop the charges against the man. Although, I understand his reasoning for doing what he did. However, he didn’t have to shoot at the youth’s bike, he just could have reported it and let it go at that. The man thought he was defending himself and he was the victim.

The one thing that I am not happy about is that the people involved in this situation are all from my current hometown. The incident happened outside of the town and at first I was relieved. But now again, the people involved put more negative light onto the town; just one more thing to turn people off to the town and continue its downward movement.

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