Monday, July 27, 2009

The Tour

Okay, so it wasn’t the Tour de France, more like the Tour de Perkiomen, but it was a fun ride and we did 57 miles in just under 5 hours. My husband and I, along with our friend, didn’t set out to do any land speed records. Our main goal was to get there and back. We did take a few breaks, most notably half way when we stopped to have a snack. It was fun despite the fact that yesterday my butt felt like it never wanted to see the bicycle seat again and my legs hurt a little today. Overall, though I think I faired well.

I was concerned if I could get back on that saddle again today and ride for our regular 20, and I did, but it was a struggle including the fact I got another flat tire. The whole ride tonight took longer than it should have.

But all in all we had a great time on the Big Ride. The weather held out. When we got to the end (or rather midpoint) it was drizzling but that ended after we ate, and we were under tree cover, and it didn’t rain the rest of the trip - that's what the picture it. Either we were incredibly lucky or we timed it right. We had looked at the weather reports all week and into the night before and the hourly forecast called for 20% chance of rain into the afternoon when it went up to 50% chance with isolated thunderstorms. It didn’t rain until around 9pm and we had some terrific thunderstorms then with lots of lightening.

For our evening’s entertainment, during all that rain last night, we watched Marley and Me. It was an endearing story and I thought quite funny. My husband on the other hand took a dim view to the whole thing because he can’t stand unruly dogs. He grumbled through the whole thing.

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