Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Usually I don’t go in for strange types of game meat.  Sometimes I will eat venison if someone gives it to me, but I have never made it myself and I don’t hunt so I am not experienced with different kind of animal meat.  Last night, my husband suggested we put a bear sausage in the spaghetti sauce that I made for dinner.  A friend of his is a hunter of sorts and had caught a bear and gave him three different flavored sausages over the holidays.  I had put them in the freezer and somewhat secretly hope he would forget about it.   The three we received were Italian, Hot Italian, and Cajun.  Since I was doing spaghetti, I used the Italian one.  I have to say it was not bad.
Once I got over the thought of eating bear meat, I didn’t mind it.  After all most of us eat pigs, cows, sheep, fish, and chickens so what is do different about bears, deer, and other things?   I don’t like the thought of hunting necessarily but if you are hunting because you are going to eat it then I guess it is okay.  A coworker, who is also a hunter, said that one has to be careful with eating bear because you can get very sick if it not prepared correctly.  Since I am just fine this morning I guess it was made right.
I tend to not think about where my food comes from when it is meat, and for a while I was a vegetarian, but that ended when I met my husband.  He is a meat-and-potatoes kind of guy and I just could not get him to eat tofu no matter how I disguised it.  So I went back to eating meat but I do try to make sure it is the best quality I can buy and doesn’t have all kind of unnatural things in it.  I guess you can’t get any more natural with something that roamed the forest but if I start scratching my back on a tree I am going to have to have a talk with someone.

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