Friday, January 13, 2012

Miniature Garden

A little while back, I saw a video on YouTube about miniature gardens.  I suppose it was a recommended video because I have been looking at YouTube quite a lot for different techniques on gardening.  From the time I saw that video I was hooked and had to have one of my own. 
There are two sites that I found that specialized in miniature gardens, there may be others.  One is located in Washington State called Miniature Garden Shoppe and the other is located in Illinois and that one is called Two Green Thumbs.  The first one is where the video I saw originated from and I went there to look at what they have to sell and most of the items were out of stock.  I suppose this is not the season for doing this kind of thing, but as a lot of these gardens are inside, I thought maybe I could get things.  But the hobby combines two of my favorite things; miniatures and gardening.
So I spent a few days after I went on the web and didn’t really find anything, searching locally for some plants and a container.  Since this isn’t the season for planting, there were not many to choose from and I ended up with a serving container and two small plants.  The third plant I found in my garden.  I think it is called Sedum and I saw it in many of the pictures and on one of the sites.  It is a fairly invasive plant in the garden and it certainly has invaded mine, but it looks nice in the miniature garden.  Let’s hope I keep it alive on my desk at work.

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