Wednesday, January 11, 2012


So last year I before I took my leave of absence to work on a political campaign, I was diligently going to the gym and trying to at least keep somewhat fit.  I stopped doing any kind of exercise after it started getting dark in the morning and I couldn’t ride my bike.  I was working all kinds of crazy hours and by the time I got home not only was it dark but I was exhausted.  Now that I am back on a very regular schedule, I signed up for the gym.
My employer provides an on-site gym and you would think that I would take advantage of it without a second thought.  Let’s face it.  Like half the population out there, I am lazy and hate to exercise.  But I have been trying to lose this winter weight and get in better shape (aren’t I ALWAYS), so I decided I needed to get back into the gym.  I also have to keep up the exercise on my bad knee and not undo the great outcome from the physical therapy I had last year.
My first time is next week.  I need time to get back in the routine of things and I am giving myself a little “me-time” before jumping right into it.  I have to set myself up for this and arrange the schedule in my head to make room for this.  When my brain is engaged, my body will follow?  One can only hope…

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