Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Technology, Ain’t it Grand

My husband is finally working on finishing up the bathroom remodel after it has been in a state of flux for a year or so.  I won’t get into that for now, suffice it to say that I am thrilled.  Anyway, last night we went over to The Home Depot to get some things and look around for supplies to do the work.  While we were there, my husband and I found pretty much all we were looking for but now have to sit down with the measurements and determine how much we need.  There is an awful lot of stuff that is needed and as we walked around, I decided the best way to catalog everything was to take pictures of the price tags and the samples of the items we wanted so we could get a better idea of exactly what we want.  It was quick and easy and now we can sit down with pen and paper and figure out what and just how much we need along with how much it will cost.
Technology allows people the ability to do things that previously were done with pencil and paper and maybe do it a little better.  Sure we could have taken out the pad and started writing things down, but when it comes to remembering the shape of things, or the way things go together, a picture is just so much better.  Today most phones have cameras on them and taking a picture is just so simple and fast.  I can just take all these photos and put them onto a document and put it into the file along with all the other idea photos in there.  I just love it. 

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