Friday, April 20, 2012

Gardening for Your Health

I came across an article about gardening and health the other day.  It spelled out just what I have been experiencing over the past few months.  I have had a garden for the last several years, but have not gotten into the hobby like I am not until this year.  I think because of this immersion I have had some of the benefits they are talking about.  My stress levels are less, I am getting out in the sun more, and I believe that the end result of the all the vegetables that I am going to eat as I harvest them can only help with my overall nutrition level. 
The only drawback to this is that I have become somewhat of a gardening snob.  I look around at all the people who can improve their health and their lives just by fiddling around with a few plants and sneer at them.  Many of the cases of obesity, depression, and overall poor health could be drastically improved if people would only work on themselves.  I have always hated people who complain, but I am getting more and more intolerant of those who complain about their health when there is something out there so simple that they could help themselves with.  Or maybe that’s just old age.
At any rate, I am very glad I have taken up this hobby.  I hope that you too can work a piece of the great outdoors into your life too and use Mother Nature instead of modern chemistry to advance your life.

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