Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Life and Death

There are a few things that elicit multiple responses on Facebook; birthdays and death notices.  I find that really interesting.  When my father died, I posted a tribute to him – the same one I posted here – and there were so many responses and sympathies from many, many people I am connected with.  It gave me great comfort that people actually cared.  When my cat died on Saturday, the same thing happened, which kind of surprised me because I always get the impression that grieving for the loss of a pet is considered pretty corny.  But people surprise me constantly and again I got a whole lot of sympathy postings. 
Birthday greeting abound, but death notices?  Is Facebook the new place to put an obituary?  In many respects it is much more personal and much more meaningful to have something there where your Faceook friends can connect with you and share your sorrow. To me it felt comforting, strangely enough, to know that others were sympathetic to what was going on in my life – the good and the bad. 
I often don’t post my statuses sharing every move I make as I really don’t think that others care all that much.  I usually post a simple motivational quote that I find meaningful to me and which I hope will spark some thought and maybe some response but I am not really looking for it. I also post updates to my garden because frankly it is kind of my bragging arena.  I am proud of the results of my garden and what to share that aspect of my life. I enjoy reading what others post with the exception of a few of my friends’ kids who have friended me for some strange reason.  They use the F word too much in my opinion and frankly I hide most of them because I find it offensive. But sharing one’s life from all areas and expanding ones personal network is exactly what Social Media is all about, even in life and death.

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