Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Internet

After my posting my excitement over my asparagus spear, I did some reading to find out more.  I should have done this before I planted, but this garden is a learning experience and I tend to rush into things without thoroughly researching, so hey, it is what it is.  Anyway, in doing my searching I came across a great site with tons of information on it.  It’s the Bonnie Plants site and it is chocked full of information on planting and harvesting all kinds of vegetables.  Of course, the site references their plants and products because they sell plants, but if you get past the continued hawking of their stuff you can learn some very valuable information.  I signed up for their newsletter.
I read a very interesting tidbit yesterday there are about 20% of people who don’t use the Internet.  As expected this group is comprised of the elderly and the poor.  Both of these groups I can totally understand actually.  Older people are often challenged by technology and are reluctant to learn.  Take my mother for example.  She uses the Internet mostly for email but sometimes she does searching for things and has been known to order some things online.  However she is very reluctant to do more of it because she had her identity stolen and is somewhat gun shy from doing more.  She often calls me when she has a problem and can’t understand why she is getting the results she gets. 
The Internet can be so useful, but like anything things need to be taken in stride.  Sites like,, and even entering a question into Google, are great because you can get all kinds of personal information from the people who respond.  However as such you will find conflicting information on these sites so it is important to look at multiple entries and take the “preponderance of evidence” as they say to get the correct answer.  But then again, isn’t that the point of doing research?

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