Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Old Times High

I had drinks with an old friend from high school last night.  It was really kind of nice that he remembered me from then, and wanted to get together.  We dated some back then, but there was nothing serious, at least not on my end.  I was curious when he called and asked me to meet him and I decided to go simply because of being curious.  We are both married and as there was no steamy high school romance in the past, so I didn’t see the harm in having a few drinks.  I left feeling rather sad to see someone stuck somewhat in the past.  He spoke of wishing to be back in high school, primary because life was so much easier.  From his stories, he has had it kind of rough.  He is on his second marriage and his business failed when his first wife and best friend basically stole everything out from under him.  He has two children and a couple grandchildren and his son has caused some issues.
I try not to live in the past, myself.  Frankly I had a problem with my memory and can’t remember much of what happened anyway, so I usually focus on the here and now.  That’s enough of a challenge for me.  Some of the things he was saying about how things were I just didn’t remember.  I do wish my memory was better and I could have followed along more, but what I do remember was that I was kind of miserable in high school. I felt ugly, unloved, and challenged.  School was an effort for me and things didn’t come as easily to me as they did to others.  Later I found out that I have ADD so it really was hard for me to keep focused and follow along with what was being taught.  Had teachers understood different methods of teaching to children who have this affliction back then, I am sure my memories of high school would have been different.  Maybe I would be stuck too.  It took years of making compromises as well as coaching my son through his issues with ADD, before I understood that it wasn’t because I am stupid, it was because I am wired differently. 
At any rate, it was fun to talk about the people we used to know and wonder where they are now.  There are a few people that I kind of keep in contact with on Facebook, but aside from that I don’t think much about those times – those times I remember at any rate.  High school is a rite of passage for everyone.  It’s the last time in our lives where most of us can be unfettered and free.  It’s before college and working to make it this world.  It’s fun and challenging and yes the times are simpler, but the world goes on and we have to also.

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