Monday, September 19, 2011

Back to Normal

I just read that the Norristown regional rail line was back to normal after the hurricane.  Wow, that took a lot of time.  I kept wondering why my canvasser was always late, and he kept blaming it on the rail system, but I thought he was making excuses.  He really had no control over the conditions of the track.  It is amazing to me that it took so long for the effects of the hurricane to sort of wear off, for lack of a better word.  I was so lucky in my area to not have a lot of damage.  My husband and I had a tiny amount of water in the basement and a leak in the roof but that was it.  I know we were really lucky because some of our friends got much worse and I recently saw an acquaintance of mine who had a sewer backup in her house because of the effects of Irene and the recent development near her home.

Every time I hear of things like this happening to other people it kind of feels like the other shoe is about to drop.  I wonder why I was spared and wonder what I am going to have to go through in place of that.  Everything is in God’s hands, they say, and so far He has been very good to me and mine.  I am blessed and I wish everyone was so as well.  I have heard, and have said before, that God does not give you that with which you cannot handle.  He must know that I am a whimp because I don’t know how some of these people survive with such horror in their lives.  I give them a lot of kudos for not breaking down and losing it all. 

So for a while the rail system is back to the way it was.  Life can resume again. 

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