Thursday, September 1, 2011


I wish I could clone some people.  So much more could be accomplished.  I have two really hard workers and the rest, well the rest just do the barest minimum.  I was supposed to have a new person start the other day.  She came in and filled out the application went through the interview and since she was the niece of a friend of mine I thought I could trust that she would be a good worker.  I should have trusted my instincts instead of doing a favor for a friend.  The young lady had my friend call me about a question and then when I called her back, she said she would be in shortly – about 20 minutes.  She never showed up.  Something could have happened, but I think my friend would have called me.  The person I was sending her out with did her job as well as his.  I just shake my head sometimes. 

What makes people do what they do?  The question both fascinates me and infuriates me.  I know I have been lazy myself.  Everyone has.  But there is a time to be lazy and a time not to be and the time not to be is when you have a paying job. Get the job done and then you can rest.  That’s how I was raised.  

Time will see if this person works out or continues to be late or non-existent.  I have a feeling that there are going to be issues, but I welcome the surprise.

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