Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Today I logged onto my Facebook account and saw that a friend posted an article about the youngest person to be executed in America.  I read the article with sadness and anger in my heart for the justice system that would do such a thing.  As you may know I am no proponent of the death penalty, but it makes me especially made, and should make you mad too that the system should be so corrupt.

Lady Justice is blind as they say and there should be no judgment made until the case is argued and decided.  Lady Justice should also be color blind as well.  People should not be judged by the color of their skin, but for the nature of their crime.  But unfortunately in this country it happens all the time.  The right wing may argue that is not the case, but follow the numbers, people, follow the numbers. 

The person who posted it also posted a comment about it.  He said “Fallible human beings should not assume the power of life and death except in self-defense.”  I agree, for the most part, that we should not play God in our determination of guilt or innocence.  There are far too many mistakes made as to the nature of the person committing the crime and the person arguing their defense.  Death is a permanent thing, and regardless of what the Bible says about an eye for and eye, the only consequence the death penalty in my mind, is that people take it to mean that they can be judge and jury themselves.  

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