Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Early Riser

I didn’t used to be a morning person growing up.  I was always the type to stay in bed as long as I had to and stumble around like a drunken sailor until I had my coffee.  However, in the last 20 years since my son was born I developed an early morning habit and have stayed with it.  I arrive at work around 5:30am, give or take primarily so I can leave early and still have light.  It used to be in order to be home for my son when he got home from school, but he is out of the house now so that reason doesn’t apply.  Now it is because the light is still around for biking or gardening. 
I like coming into work at that time.  Very few people are here and it is so quiet you can really hear yourself think.  I feel I get more done in the first few hours than I do throughout the day.  But it’s not easy necessarily to get up that early.  I don’t sleep very well until around 10 or 11 and that means on the nights that I do get a good quality sleep, I don’t get many hours of sleep.  They say that you need a good sleep in order to lose weight, so that is another point in my long battle against the pounds.  So I average around 6 hours a night except on the weekends when it is more like 8 or 9. 
Sleep has really become a problem for many people and now they are finding that children who snore are not getting a quality sleep and as a result may be having behavioral problems.  I am not sure if that was my son’s problem because I don’t remember if he snored, but I know my husband says I do.  But I think it’s the quality of sleep over the amount of sleep as long as you are able to get into the heavy REM for several cycles then maybe you are okay.  But no matter, I still like the stillness of the dawn.  It sets the tone for the day.

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