Friday, March 2, 2012

Twenty First Century

aSo yesterday, sort of as an impulse I entered the future.  I bought a tablet.  It is my birthday in a few days after all.  I didn't intended to get one but I guess all the stars were in alignment.  I went in to hggregg and the it was, one of the last two in the store and it was on sale.  I bought the Samsung Galaxy Tab and I am typing this blog entry on it.  Word processing is not really its strong suite and I am also getting used to it, but it does a very passable job.  It has several methods of keyboards, all of which have their own advantages burt I like it and think I can get used to it fairly quickly.

The salesman who helped me was good and patiently answered my questions and he was doing his job by trying to get me to get the extended warranty and the setup package.  He told me it was complicated to set up but I had confidence that it would not be that hard.  It was not.  I had it up and running in no time.  It operates on the Android playform and as I have an Android phone most of my applications were there as soon as I logged in.  It was slightly annoying that I had to log into all if my accounts again but it was pretty seemless.  I am sure he was only doing his job saying that.

So now I am the owner of a tablet.  I know my laptop will not be jealous as there is not enough storage on tbis to take its place.  I can connect with the laptop and move things to that as I need to.  I really and am glad I got it.  Happy birthday to me.

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