Wednesday, March 21, 2012


I asked for Spring, not Summer.  Really, this heat is crazy!  All of my flowers are blooming too early.  Most of them were supposed to be up in Easter and they are coming up now.  Not that I really mind because I am loving the color and fragrance, but if it is this hot now, what’s July going to be like?  You cannot tell me there is not something going on here.   Global warming, or maybe a warm cycle or something, but something is up and it’s not just the temperature.
There are many that argue that there is no such thing as global warming and that Al Gore was totally wrong.  They argue that the Earth goes through cycles before and even before the Industrial Revolution when they have taken core samples they have found that there are bands of times when the Earth’s mean temperatures were warmer.  There are scientists that say that the areas that should be tested for temperature, the lower troposphere, show no difference in the last 23 years.  Whatever.  You can’t tell me that all this stuff belching into the air from factories over the decades is good for us.  This wouldn’t be the first time that what “they” tell us has been found out to be wrong.
One of the most devastating effects of Global Warming is the thawing of the polar ice caps and the rise of the sea water levels which is associated with extreme weather and massive flooding.  We are already seeing horrible weather.  If this did happen before, as the opponents to Global Warming say, maybe that was the great flood talked about in the bible.  All I know is that right now my flowers are out and looking spectacular.  It’s hard to think about this stuff when you see all that.

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