Thursday, March 15, 2012


So now I really know that I am going a little crazy with this gardening thing.  Yesterday when I got home, I had received a package which contained yet another raspberry plant.  I had totally forgotten that I had ordered one already from a different place.  I had received that one over the weekend.  Fortunately I had not planted that one yet and was trying to remember where I was going to plant the first one so I ended up getting a large pot and planting both in it for the patio.  I had read that the soil requirements call for a more acid soil than other plants, and they like full sun.  So the patio in a container is better anyway, because I don’t have to muck around with the pH in the raised beds in the vegetable patch.  It will work out better this way, at least that’s my theory and I am sticking to it.
I also receive the blueberry bush I ordered.  There again, the soil requirements for that bush is more acidic that my vegetables so a container is going to be used for that too.  The plant received was tiny – much smaller than I had anticipated.  I don’t think any blueberries are going to be on this plant this summer but you never know.  The description in the catalog indicated that it was going to be in a container which it could stay in but I didn’t know the container would be a 5 inch nursery pot.  Oh well, it was not that expensive so I think I will be okay.  I do need to put it in another pot and there is one on my porch that has nothing in it, so rather than buying another one, I am going to use that one.
So my patio is filling up, which is a good thing.  Planted and out there now is a pot of mint, the strawberry planter, the raspberry canes, the lemon tree, and the blueberry bush (if you can call it a bush now).  The patio is nice and sunny and I think they will like it there and these guys with the exception of the lemon tree can stay out there all year.

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