Monday, March 19, 2012

Immediate Failure

I planted a number of things the other day, one of which was three cucumber plants.  Not only did two of them get eaten by something, probably a groundhog, but it was way too early.  So I went online and found that I can start the seeds right in the garden once the soil is warm and after the danger of frost has passed.  I made the mistake of thinking they are cool weather plants like the beans I put out.  Oh well, I am still learning.  There is a lot to remember in gardening.  You have to remember most importantly to read the seed package and I would have done that except I was rushing about grabbing things and grabbed the cucumber plant mistaking it for a plant that can go out now. 
The cool weather things that I can plant now are beans, peas, lettuce, broccoli, radishes, beets, and onions.  There is a whole list of other things too, and you have to make sure that when you look online that you refine your search to your hardiness zone.  I found a great site which has a whole list of the seeds you can plant for your zone.  This helps a lot.  This site also has a spreadsheet showing when to plant fall crops.  Of course, since they are an online business you can order seeds from them too, but for now I am going to depend on their charts.
Of course even if I plant them on time at the right time, I still have the birds, squirrels, and groundhogs who are going to try and get to them first.  That is yet another battle.

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