Thursday, March 22, 2012

Fast Food

Several years ago I took my son to McDonald’s for a fast snack.  He ordered the standard hamburger, coke, and fries order.  After we had pulled out of the drive through and down the street, he found that the burger was missing the burger.  All he had was bun.  We were in a rush and really couldn’t take the time to go back so we went on and fortunately he thought it was very funny so didn’t raise too much of a fuss.  My point in relaying this story is that sometime my life reminds me of that order – something key is missing.
I had been going along recently doing what I have always done and feeling as if there is something wrong.  Sure my job could be much more interesting, my home life a little more exciting, and my son a whole lot more better behaved.  This is nothing special and most of us feel this way. What I am talking about is my overall health and well being especially when it comes to my eating.
As you may know I have been working on “eating clean” and I am slowly finding out that this is the thing that has been missing.  The PATH program focuses on loving your food and eating in control.  One learns through the program that there are many factors that cause us to overeat, and more importantly, overeat food that wreaks havoc on your body.  The control aspect has always been a huge problem for me and I have eaten more in response to stress and general malaise than I have because I am hungry.  Identifying when I am hungry and when I am full is key in control.  Identifying why I am eating is even a bigger factor to me being in control.  Furthermore knowing that I am human and mistakes will happen but I have it within me to be able to break the chain of overeating is the icing on the cake, if you will.  All of these things have been missing in my 58 years of existence and I have finally realized that now have the burger.

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