Monday, March 12, 2012


I am impatient when it comes to impatiens and some other things.  This weekend, the weather was sunny, albeit a little cool, but I planted things in my garden that I was going to plant next week.  I was looking at the average frost dates and it said that in area the average frost date is April 6th.    Looking at the packages I see that some of the things I was going to plant say to put them in the ground 2-3 weeks before the average frost date.  So that means this coming weekend.  Another calendar I looked at said the average frost date is March 30th so that’s why I didn’t see a problem with this weekend.  Things have been warmer so I think I am okay.  I hope so because on Sunday I planted lettuce, snow peas, radishes, and spinach. 
It was so beautiful and warm.  My husband and I went for a ride on both days.  Saturday was a little cold and we hadn’t been out for several months, so we only went 10 miles.  We headed out on Sunday and within 2 miles, my husband got a flat tire, so we only did 5 miles.  But it was fun and it was a reminder that Spring is definitely here and the biking and gardening seasons have started.
My impatiens seeds finally germinated.  Well not all of them, but some.  I had planted them to start in the seedling pot but nothing came up so I did some research and found that it should be put on a heating mat.  I did that with some new seeds and lo and behold that’s when I saw they had germinated.  I then read today that you need to put 100 degree water in right away and put them on the seed mat.  In addition, they suggested that you put plastic wrap over the top to keep them moist until they sprout.  I think I may try that this weekend.  None of this was on the seed packet, mind you. 
I am learning that one has to be patient when it comes to gardening and that things will come up when it’s time for them to come up not necessarily when you want them to come up.  It is a good lesson in life.

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