Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Effect of Change

Change is good.  Well you make it what you are going to make it.  Take for instance my schedule.  With this new job I get in later than I was getting in with my old job.  So since I get in later, I get home later and there really is no time for bike riding.  So I have been riding first thing in the morning at 6am.  It’s a welcome change, although I don’t really have the time to do a long ride.  But the weather is great.  It’s before the sun has had a chance to beat down on the earth and the temperatures are less humid, less fugly.  There is much less traffic both off the trail and on, and there are more birds singing.  On the negative side I am riding by myself so I miss riding with my husband and our riding buddy.  My husband serves as our mechanic so if I get in trouble on the trail I won’t have the expertise he brings to fix things quickly.  I shudder to think what’s going to happen then.

The difference in time exhibits itself also with the look of the trail.  The first morning’s light is so tranquil to me.  There are a few wisps of clouds hanging low over the ground as the earth begins to awaken.  The rays of the sun gently dry off the dew from the grass and flowers, and the air feels a little fresher.  Yes, I think the morning is an ideal time for a ride.  I like this quiet time.

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