Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Something New

I started a new job today.  Well it’s a temporary job.  I am working on a political campaign while taking a leave of absence from my regular job, which the company that I work for graciously granted.  The campaign is just getting into the swing of things and gearing up the various offices.

It is interesting to work with a bunch of young people.  There is a distinct difference in the attitudes of the younger.  Their skill set is so beyond mine in terms of technology and they seem to understand more about the little features on the phones and computers.  These things seem to come to them easier.  I heard it once said that if you are having trouble programming your VCR you need to ask a 10-year old and for a majority of things, that is so true.  The preschools are teaching the kids computers as soon as they can sit up.  Mothers are handing over their smart phones to toddlers as a way to placate them while in the car.  In fact the biggest growing market in the phone apps are children’s games.

In one respect it is refreshing to be with young people.  They have such vigor and enthusiasm and a genuine zest for learning.  On the other hand, it’s exhausting because they have such energy and their memories are still sharp.  I hope that I can keep up with them!

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