Friday, July 15, 2011

Getting Away with Murder

I have to admit that I have not been following the Casey Anthony story except for what I get tweets about.  This morning I see that a woman who looks like her was attacked and the other day I saw that a man who had the same name has been getting death threats.  After looking into a little further into the case I understand why.  How can a person, especially a mother, not report her child missing for a month and not have killed her.  Yes, the evidence was sketchy and yes it created doubt in the jury’s mind, but come on.  If I ever get in trouble, I want that lawyer.

When my son was little I was constantly looking out for him.  I remember one time we went to the mall and he disappeared into a rack of clothes.  The fear that went through me was indescribable.  I know most parents have gone through that.  Fortunately I found him quickly, but from then on, I had him on a leash.  Literally.  I got one of those harness things and whenever we went out in public he was on it and I had a firm grasp of the other end.  People would look at me strangely, but my son was the type to run off suddenly and he was very quick and with God knows who out there he could have been snatched up in a flash.  If anyone said anything to me I just said that I loved my son and wanted to keep him safe.  I would have reported him missing if he had been gone an hour – get that Amber Alert going!

So how in anyone’s right mind can anyone think that this woman was not at fault when her child, especially a child as adorable as her little girl, go missing and she doesn’t do anything to find her?  I think that woman is sick in the head and needs treatment.  So now she is going scott-free and will probably have another child and I shudder to think about that child’s safety.  

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