Tuesday, July 12, 2011

My Car

I like it when I don’t drive my car.  Don’t get me wrong, I really like my car, and I consider myself a skilled driver, but when I don’t drive my car it makes me feel like I have reduced my carbon footprint significantly.  For the last two days I have been sick with a cold and I stayed inside.  My car stayed outside its parking space and sat. 

I should say I mostly like my car.  The air conditioning broke and I have kind of resigned myself to the fact that I won’t have it this year.  Trying to get air conditioning fixed in the summer is kind of like getting your heating fixed in the winter; they charge you an arm and a leg because other people are demanding and the parts are scarce.  That is regular people.  My husband is not a regular person and doesn’t like to spend money so until the price is right – which is near free for him – it won’t get fixed any time soon.  So I am driving around with the windows down, sweating against the leather seats, and having my hair blown around like nobody’s business.  For now I don’t really care about my hair but I really hate feeling it against my face.
My car is what they consider a performance car.  It has turbo and it’s geared and I do enjoy driving it when I am on a road that demands skill.  I don’t really drive on those roads that often any more.  Driving to work and to the grocery store is pretty much all I do these days.  But sometimes I will take the back roads so that I can get a little twisty-turny road time in and get my Parnelli Jones on a bit.

Not driving makes me feel free, though.  I kind of thinking that whatever the pollution caused by all the cars is not caused by me and for a moment I feel a little superior to the rest.  Then I get in my car and all is forgotten.

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