Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Texting while Driving

I just wanted to post a letter that my husband sent into the paper last year.  I was going through my files and came across this and thought you all would enjoy it.  I think it says it all.  The Senate Bill this letter is talking about has moved to the House (SB 314) but has not become law.  The House has their own version of the bill. Here is a link to more information about the legislation.

Dear Editor:
I have been reading with interest the debate on the texting-while-driving issue.  As a professional truck driver, I was shocked to hear that the Pennsylvania Senate made texting while driving a secondary offense. 

I see the most unbelievable things during my working day, from drivers talking on their cell phones to people attempting to drive and put on makeup, shave, perform self-sexual gratification, even get dressed.  People just don’t seem to understand that a car can cause massive damage to both themselves and others if they get distracted.  I guess they expect their vehicle to just drive itself while they are typing away on their laptop (yes, I witnessed that just the other day).   Volvo and Mercedes must have invented the self braking system for people out there who drive while stupid.

While cell phones are supposed to provide the ultimate in communication convenience, when used behind the wheel it can also provide the ultimate in death.  How can a call be that pressing that you have to make it while speeding down the road in the passing lane and preventing others from passing you.  I, myself have missed exits in the past before deciding that voice mail is also a wonderful invention.  I am not sounding sexist here, but 90% of women I pass on the road have their cell phones sitting in their laps, just waiting for that next call.  Why?

Please call your Representative and demand they re-work the changes the Senate has put into place and pass a strong texting while driving bill that makes it a primary offense with all the penalties that come with it.  In addition, please consider that when you are behind the wheel, you are no longer a doctor, a lawyer, a nurse or any other profession; you are a driver – act like one.  We truck drivers who have to deal with drivers who are paying more attention to their cell phone, themselves, and their laptops instead of what their vehicle is doing, will greatly appreciate it.

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