Monday, July 18, 2011

Mother Nature's Revenge

The weather is in the news again.  I guess that means we can talk about it and not be accused of having nothing to say.   Anyway, we are in the middle of a heat wave so pervasive that it is all across the country.  The other day I saw a news clip about a story that said they were going to say why we are having all this terrible weather.  But the segment was really lame.  It just talked about the heat and the fact that we have not had this kind of heat since the 1800s.  No mention as to why we are having it.  So just maybe, just maybe Al Gore was right?

Opponents of the Al Gore Inconvenient Truth say that this weather is just a cyclical situation and the earth has had It before.  They say that if you go back in time far enough, you will have the same temperatures as you are having now.  Maybe, but we have not had the same pollution we have had now which is evidenced by the ice core samples they have taken from the Arctic.  There has to be some kind of effect that all these chemicals in our air is causing.  More kids are getting asthma, there have been more drastic swings of temperature, and the quality of the air is not the same.  You can actually see the haze over the low lying areas.

 We have to be kind to Mother Nature.  This is the only planet we have and we have to keep it clean or we will all suffer.  We actually live in a bubble, so keeping that in mind It might be easier to understand that pollution to our air and water is not something that is healthy for us or for the planet.  Whether or not Al Gore is right, the facts are that our earth is getting dirtier and dirtier and if we don’t put a stop to what we are doing then we are just killing ourselves.  Let’s make Earth Day, every day.

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