Wednesday, August 17, 2011


They say that change is good, and for some things I suppose it is.  It gives you a fresh perspective on things and allows you to review and look at the things you were doing in the past and compare it to the new thing.  It allows you to learn a new skill and I think I heard somewhere that it adds brain cells, which is always a good thing.  However, sometimes change is frustrating and leaves you feeling anxious.  Sometimes I just want the old way back.

My new phone, while an upgrade of the old phone, is similar but different.  There are things that I really liked about how the old phone worked.  For example I liked the way I could change the pictures for my contacts and not have to accept their Facebook status.  The new phone does not do that.  The DROID 2 has an interface that relies very heavily on the social media; you either tie you contact list to Facebook or Twitter.  I don’t want to be forced to do that.  There are many people who are my Facebook friends that I don’t want in my phone as my contact list.  It makes the list long and hard to go through.  However, there are hot keys that you can set up so that you can speed dial those who you use most.  I haven’t explored that feature too much yet, but I can imagine it would make my life a lot simpler.

There are things that are different that I really like.  For example the phone remembers things.  For example I have to dial into a conference call every night and last night I noticed that I entered the first few numbers and the rest of the number came up, which was really helpful.  Another feature that is cool is the video camera.  There are neat effects that you can use and it has a really bright light to us.  I don’t do a lot of video taking on my phone, but if I did those features could help me produce a really snazzy film.

So I am still finding out about this thing and some things I like and others give me a headache.  Still change is good and if learning about this new thing will add new brain cells, that is something that this old brain can really use.

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