Wednesday, August 10, 2011

My Cat

I have a Maine Coon mix cat that is the light of my life.  He has some quirky habits like chewing on plastic but overall he has the gentlest nature animal I have ever seen.  Maine Coons generally are like that.  They are known as the gentle giants with personalities like dogs; friendly, outgoing, responsive, and playful.

My Maine Coon is named Simon.  My son says it’s because he is simple, but I just liked the name and had planned to name the cat that when I got him.  I went to Annapolis to get him from a rescue that I found on  My husband couldn’t believe that I would travel that far for a cat, but now that he has experienced Simon for the last few years, he really appreciates him and I am sure that wouldn’t think it was strange now.  The rescue place was way out in the boonies and the owner made me swear I would not disclose the location.  I am sure it was because it is a private home with a barn that houses the cats and she probably did not want a lot of traffic.  The place was very clean and bright and it was very obvious that the animals were very well cared for.

Simon has been the source of many an amusing anecdote over the years and will continue to be.  As I said he has this weird habit of chewing on plastic.  If there is a plastic bag left on the floor, he will gnaw on it.  If there is a plastic toy it will have teeth marks on it as soon as it is received.  He also likes ribbon, which of course is very dangerous for cats.  If a balloon has a ribbon on it he will ferret it out and start upon it in seconds.  One really has to watch what is brought into the house for fear he will latch onto it and consume it in minutes.  It's just like having a toddler in the house...again.  He also loves the laundry basket and will sleep in it whether it is full or empty. 

The most endearing trait he has is that he will greet me at the door even single time I come home.  My husband has said that he has seen Simon lying on the floor of the kitchen, seemingly asleep, and then suddenly perk up and run to the front door minutes before I walk in.  If you have had a dislike for cats, experience a Maine Coon.  Maybe you will have a change of heart.  Maine Coons - dogs in cats clothing. 

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