Thursday, August 18, 2011


A friend of mine recently came home to find that his house had been broken into and everything of value stolen.  He and his wife were very frightened by the event and felt debased.  The police did come to the house and took fingerprints but didn’t find anything conclusive.  He told me that they then found that another house in the development had also been hit.  So the fear has permeated his area.

I remember when I was young, my family and I came back from a vacation – I think to the shore.  We were gone a week and when we came back I remember that the back door was open.  I accused my mother of leaving the door unlocked but as she went up to her bedroom, she saw that the drawers in her bureau were taken out and overturned.  I can’t remember if much was stolen.  My brother’s room was a mess anyway so there was no way to tell, and my room didn’t appear to be touched.  I don’t think the enormity of the situation affected me then, but I do remember feeling somewhat violated that someone who I did not invite was in my house looking through our personal things.

When a crime like that happens it is very upsetting.  In cases like robbery, it is fortunate he and his family were not physically harmed but emotionally they are injured.  In other situations, like home invasions, many people suffer cuts and bruises to their bodies and while they will heal, the injury to the mind takes far longer.  My friend says they feel unsafe in their home now. 

I am angry for him and angry at the perpetrator who had to gall to do such a thing.  That person may or may not be caught and the valuables that my friend lost may or may not be replaced – some are irreplaceable to begin with.  But I can’t imagine having my sanctuary violated so that one would feel uncomfortable to be there any longer.   I can only hope he and his family’s scars heal fast and that even if they don’t recover much that he will feel secure once again. 

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