Thursday, August 4, 2011

My Home Town

Often after you have lived in a certain area, most people tend to take a sense of pride or something.  I have lived in Norristown for over 20 years and I now call it home.  I am not from the area originally, but I am now.

The other day I met a person at a social event and when he heard that I was from Norristown he remarked that he was now working in Norristown and was not too pleased about it.  “What a dump”, he said to me, and went on to say that there was absolutely no place to eat.  He said that one gets tired of Mexican food after a while.  While there are a lot of Mexican places, there are other places if you care to look for them.  I left the conversation feeling somewhat offended as if he had insulted my very person.

Yes, Norristown has a ways to go but calling a dump I think is a little over the top.  Perhaps I am looking through rose colored glasses a bit, as is my nature.  I know that there are big plans to change things, but we did get somewhat slammed with the economy when things were just getting started and many municipalities are having issues.  Our main problem is the demographics of the area which is not something that will easily attract new businesses and people.  We have to work a little harder to go after those people and use the plan that we have in place, and make some new ones, to ensure that we have a variety of businesses that will attract people and ultimately residents who want to live in a walk able, sustainable community, while at the same time enforce the rules that will weed out the aspects of the community that cause issues. 

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