Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Gaul of Some People

My husband has made an interesting observation of drivers.  He says those that are in the wrong are often the ones who scream the loudest.  I have experienced this several times, the most recent being yesterday.

I was headed down a two way street which has stop signs on every block.  I was approaching a small one way street where a woman driving a minivan was coming to the intersection.  She stopped and saw that I had a stop sign and prepared to go.  As she turned the corner she cut the corner rather closely so that I had to stop short before I got to the intersection to avoid being hit.  I made threw up my hands in frustration as I slammed on my brakes and as she passed me she yelled out the window, “it’s a stop sign, can’t you see it?  It means stop, you b@*%#”.    I didn’t say anything back to her because I knew it was no good.  She felt she was right and you can’t reason with those kinds of people. 

I have seen this kind of thing over and over again.  People cause a near accident and then they give you the finger.  I think that is the basis of road rage incidents, like the one that was in the paper recently where a man shot another man on Markley Street last year.  People who are very hot headed refuse to acknowledge that another person is not the kind of person to argue with and things get out of hand.  But as long as there are people, these kinds of acts will occur.

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