Friday, June 22, 2012

Fixer Upper

My husband is a great procrastinator.  It takes him a very long time to get any projects done around the house and usually I have to fight with him to get anything done.  Case in point is the most recent bathroom renovation project.  Admittedly he got injured in the beginning of the project but it has been months now and the injury is better and still the bathroom is in a state of disrepair.
In the meantime I grew tired of dropping suggestions and hints that I wanted the work continued.  So I thought that I would I would try a new technique after I found a toy of my son’s when he was young.  It is an action figure of the creature from the black lagoon that my son would play with in the bathtub.  I put a note around its neck that said “I am going to get you if you don’t start work on this bathroom soon!” and put it in a prominent spot.   Over the last few weeks, I have changed the note three times since with each one saying something equally silly about what the creature would do if my husband didn’t get the work done.  The last one insinuating that my husband was going to be a very old man by the time the bathroom gets started.   Lo and behold, my husband called me the other day and told me that work was about to commence. 
I don’t know what worked.  We recently befriended a new neighbor who is a contractor and who offered to help out.  May it was our friend, the last note, or the fact that I started scrapping off some of the wallpaper the other night and left bits of paper on the floor.  It seems as if that latter was probably it as my husband and I have differences on the methods on which to get work done.  He is very particular when it comes to remodeling and often my ways of getting a job done are not to his standards as he is quite the perfectionist.  I must admit that he indeed does a beautiful job – when he actually gets around to doing the work – much better than me.  As such we have divided up the tasks in our home so that I do the design work and he does the implementation with me helping as little as possible. That division saves quite a bit of arguing, believe me.  But aside from that I hope that I will be able to post pictures of the new and improved bathroom very soon.

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