Tuesday, June 19, 2012


We had a slight confrontation on the bike trail over the weekend.  As we were coming onto the trail two young children were coming off.  Their father was walking behind them and talking on his cell phone.  He was not watching what his kids were doing.  As a result, we almost ran into them because they were really too young to understand how to move out of the way.  My husband yelled at the father and he put his conversation on hold and started yelling back at us as we were riding away. He kept saying that it was none of our business what he was doing but I think that was in regard to his conversation. 
I am constantly amazed at how little people take into concern those around them.  Often people will stop right in the middle of the trail and risk others crashing into them.  They will actually hold conversations with others right there, blocking traffic in both directions.  The other day I read in the paper that the exact same thing happened and the person who ran into the person who stopped was pretty seriously wounded and an ambulance had to be called.  Do these people who just stop really think they are the only ones on the trail?
I tend to think that not only has civility gone away, but consideration as well.  It appears that generally people only think of themselves and do not take into account that their actions affect anyone else.  Case in point was the woman who was driving and picking her toes!  My husband said the car was going all over the road and at first he thought someone was texting while driving.  Imagine his surprise when he came upon that car to see her doing that!  I guess she felt no one else was around and it was okay to groom her feet while going to her destination.  Unbelievable.  Have we really become so selfish and self absorbed?  It appears so.

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