Friday, June 1, 2012


When you are on a diet the scale, or your clothes, usually tell you if you are doing okay.  But generally you don’t see much difference from day to day.  Yesterday I ran into a woman at work who I don’t see all that much anymore.  She called me a “shrinking violet”!  She said that it looked like I had lost a lot of weight and that I looked younger.  I have been seeing a slight change in the mirror and on the scale, but it is great to hear a confirmation.  I have only lost about 15 pounds so far and from the amount I have yet to lose it’s easy to think that it will never come off.  I mean after all my fat and I are really good friends.
The new eating lifestyle (notice I didn't say diet) that I have been doing is probably working.  I am staying away from processed foods and all things artificial.  I am also trying to eat less and exercise more.  It’s not a great secret but it was really hard in the beginning.  I have noticed, however, that I have more or less lost the desire for gooey desserts.  The thought of a cheesecake with strawberries on top doesn’t totally turn me off, but it doesn’t leave me salivating either.  I know that if I wanted to eat it I could and I also know that after I had a little I would probably stop (although that hasn’t been tested).  Now I crave fresh food – a crisp green salad or bowl of fruit - more than the sugar laden things I used to crave. Even chocolate doesn’t have the same appeal anymore.
I have also entered a newer phase of eating and that is to eat far less meat.  When I met with my nutritionist I told her that I was drawn to eating even better and we discussed eating more vegetarian.  My initial goal has been to replace 2 meals per week with a vegetarian option.  Last week I replaced six and if we hadn’t gone to dinner at a friend’s house it would have been seven.  I am exploring macrobiotics and all kinds of different foods like sea vegetables and other plant based meals.
So, I am happy that others are starting to notice a difference, whether they tell me or not.  It validates my efforts and helps me move forward.  It is one thing when your husband tells you that you look good, but quite a different thing when an acquaintance tells you; the acquaintance doesn’t have any hidden agenda.

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