Monday, June 11, 2012

A Rose by Any Other Name

The former CEO of the company I work for is an amazing man.  Not only is he brilliant in his chosen field, but he can remember your name.   The man is over 80 an every time he sees me he calls me by my name, which blows my mind as there are so many people in the company and I see him so rarely.
They say that one way to help remember people’s names is to use memory pegs – something that reminds you of the person.  However that doesn’t work for me. As an example I still remember my seventh grade teacher as "Mrs. Cauliflowerhead" instead of her real name because her head of tightly coiled white curls looked exactly like that vegetable.  I think the point is to have a memory peg that is similar to the name and not what they look like.  Nevertheless, I have not had much success with that particular technique.
Another method I have heard is to use the person’s name three times in your first conversation with them.  I am not sure what it is about the number three, but it must possess some incredible powers.  It is in the name of many fairy tales, it supposedly has magical powers in witchcraft, and is the basis of Christianity.  That number is used frequently in many things and its use apparently yields some wonderful results.  I think it is inherent in the human brain to remember things in threes.  But I digress…I think the bottom line is that some people have the name recall skill and others do not.  I just have to resign myself to remembering that I fall into the latter category.

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