Monday, June 18, 2012

Garden Gone Wild

This is my garden recently.  It has gone absolutely wild with all my lettuces bolting and the tomatoes getting big.  Lettuce is a cool weather crop so it naturally will bolt with the summer heat.  Although it hasn't been that hot, I guess it is hot enough to make it do that.  That's okay because some of it I am letting go to seed so that it will self sow for a fall harvest. the little flowers you see there are marigolds which are reportedly planted to keep away tomato hook worms and groundhogs.  I am not sure about the later but I haven't seen any worms so maybe they are working.  They look pretty anyway.

The tomatoes are fruiting and I can't wait until they do because I just love fresh tomatoes from the garden with mozzarella, basil and a little olive oil.  I just hope my basil doesn't bolt and lasts that long.  I am pinching it and drying what I have left over so I am hoping that the bolting will be suspended until after the tomatoes ripen.  It really is a game having to play to make sure you get what you need when you want it.  I am learning slowly how to play that game.

I love my garden.  I get a great sense of satisfaction to see things "growing on" and being able to go out there and pick greens to serve with dinner. I am anxious about the fall planting and making the cold frame so that I can work to harvest all winter long.  Because of that plan I have put the majority of lettuces in the center bed so that I can plop the cold frame over them and work from that.  Of course I have to work with my husand to get it built and that is always a challenge.  Almost as much of a challenge as the garden! 

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