Thursday, June 14, 2012

Marriage Equality

I am a big supporter of Marriage Equality.  To me, this is a basic civil rights issue.  I know that many people are afraid of this and that some even believe that it is a threat to marriage between a man and a woman.  That part I don’t get.  Maybe people who believe this think that if gays are allowed to wed then the population is in peril.  With however many billion people on this earth currently, I don’t think that is a problem.
Homosexuality is not a chosen lifestyle any more than having brown eyes is a choice.  People are born that way.  I am a big supporter of accepting people as they are.  I may not agree with it, but as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone, I will defend anyone’s right to express that lifestyle.  The bottom line is that in this country we are supposed to be able to pursue our happiness and if loving someone regardless of who they are makes them happy, doesn’t that help everyone? 

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