Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Future is Now

I read an article the other day about how they are finding a way in the lab to power implants in the brain by using the glucose already present in the brain. These implants would eventually be able to move paralyzed limbs, something that has been experimented with for years.  I would imagine that it could also be used to move prosthetic limbs as well. It is really exciting to read but I am sure that it’s somewhat off in the future before this kind of technology is used on a more global scale.
According to a New York Times article I found on the web, almost 2 percent of people in this country have a form of paralysis, most of which are due to strokes or spinal cord injuries.  Until recently there really wasn’t an accurate count, but now with these numbers known it is easier to understand the impact on policy and medical costs.  It does cover quite a bit of types of immobility, but whatever the number, to have something as extraordinary as the ability to move a non-mobile limb for any amount of time would be groundbreaking.
This kind of news never ceases to amaze me.  We have come so far in medical technology or any kind of technology really, in such a relatively short time.  Before you know it the images of rebuilt limbs and giving people the ability to walk again could be a reality.

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