Thursday, May 24, 2012


They say that when men get old, they get distinguished and when women get old, the just get old.  Well I don’t know about that because some men I look at look really old.  But what I think it comes down to is lifestyle.  The rich and famous have the resources to live fabulous lives; they travel, they are able to exercise when they want to (and often have home gyms and trainers), but most importantly they are able to eat well.  They can afford good, nutritious, healthy food that is cooked from scratch and doesn’t contain hug fructose corn syrup and a myriad of chemicals.  Those chemicals preserve food, not humans.
As I have gotten more and more into my garden and buying fresh, local food, I take note of the people who shop at various markets.  Those who shop at Wegman’s for example, look better than those who shop at Shop Rite.  The ones that shop at Wegman’s seem healthier, they seem more put together, and they look less weathered.  I am totally convinced that it is because of money and that’s a shame considering the majority of us are in the 99% and don’t have a lot of money.  Is it because we have to be concerned with every cent and if you don’t shop carefully you will end up buying highly processed foods because they are cheaper?  Yes, good, organically grown vegetables are more expensive and fresh ingredients to make a meal can end up being more expensive if you aren’t careful, but look at the back end and the cost of the health problems if you eat highly processed foods as a daily fare.  I think it all weighs out in the end.
The bottom line is that we all need to continue the fight to make every American aware of the importance of real food.  In the long run it will save money on health care and I think it will make us happier.  We can all be a nation of people who age like George Clooney and reduce the possible prediction that 42% of our population will be obese by 2030.   

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