Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Self Driving

Google has won a tremendous battle in the state of Nevada by getting a license to test drive their self driven cars on real roads.  An article appeared on the web that talked about the approval and how they plan to identify the cars with bright red license plates.  There is a lot of insurance that Google has to buy and they need to have two people in the car while it is on the road, one being behind the wheel.
I think the invention of self driving cars is wonderful and can help a lot.  I would really love to see more public transportation efforts, but barring that, having cars that will prevent accidents is a great advancement.  You can’t go wrong with that especially if it removes the potential for people like my mother to be on the road commanding a vehicle that can cause such a great deal of damage.  I have blogged about distracted driving before so I won’t really get into it again, but suffice it to say that self driven cars is the next big thing to come along and kudos to Google for making it happen.

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