Thursday, May 31, 2012


Back in March I purchased a Samsung Galaxy Tablet.  It was kind of a birthday present for myself and my rationale for getting it was that I wanted to be able to take notes on it and easily transfer them via email as I act as secretary for many of the organizations I am involved with.  It worked great and for a while I was very happy with it.  Then over the weekend I tried to use it to look at some videos and could not get past the welcome screen.  For some reason I was getting an error that said there was an error with the process  This came up and no matter how many times I clicked the Force Close button I could not get past it.
I looked online and found that the process com error sometimes comes up when the tablet has gotten halfway through a download and it stops because it either it lost power or lost connection.  Whatever it was I was not able to do much of anything.  I did an online chat with Samsung and they ended up telling me it needed service because I could not perform the steps they suggested to do a factory reset.  It turns out the nearest service center is in Plano, Texas.  Great : (
I was, however, able to connect it to my laptop and download all the documents I had created on it.  This is a very good thing because a factory reset wipes out all your data.  It took a while to do the reset because I could not really access the power and the volume button, which you need to do when you do a factory reset.  You see I had also purchased a Zagg Bluetooth keyboard and the cover of the keyboard fits so tight I could not get the tablet out.  I pushed and pulled and finally had to have my husband grab one end and pull with me.  We finally managed to wrangle the thing out of there and I was able to perform the necessary steps to wipe out the possible offending program, or whatever it was, and start over.  Of course I had to reconnect with my home network and set up my email again, but after doing that I was back to normal.  All of the apps that I had downloaded from the Google Play store were automatically downloaded again.  Pretty cool.

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