Friday, May 25, 2012


The other day I saw a commercial for Comcast or some other cable television company and they were touting how great their prices were.  In the commercial, a woman was shown sitting with her husband and family and said gleefully that even they could afford it as her family was on a budget.  I immediately thought that if she were on such a tight budget then why are you subscribing to cable in the first place?  She could save over $100 a month and buy more important things such as food or gas.  It just really riled me that the poor people out there were being suckered in with this type of advertising.
I live in an area where the level of poverty is more visible than other areas.  My husband and I moved there because we could not afford to live in the town we grew up in and now we are really involved in the area and don’t want to move.  Besides our house is paid off and at our age, we don’t feel like having another house payment.  However, as one drives through our town one sees satellite dish after satellite dish.  Why are they spending money on TV when they could be saving it or spending it on essentials?  Television out of the air is totally sufficient.  But that's just me, I guess.  
Sometimes, I am just so puzzled when it comes to people's priorities. 

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