Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Seed Company

For the last few seed orders I have ordered online at Victory Seed.  They are a company that specializes in open-pollinated and heirloom seed varieties.  I have found that they have a great selection, their seeds come well packaged, and they have speedy delivery.  I ordered Arugula back in March and I have harvested many great tasting leaves since then.  I am doing successive planting of the lettuces and radishes and have had a wonderful supply of salad greens since the last week of March.  I almost have too much for my husband and me!
I recently became more aware of the importance of planting organic, open pollinated seeds.  Hey, what can I say, this gardening thing is still relatively new to me!  I am leaning more toward open pollinated seeds because I am growing now to be able to save my seeds later, and with the hybrid stuff I understand it could be a gamble that you get the plants you put in the ground and what comes back from the seeds with the hybrid stuff.  In addition, I am trying to get more and more organic and the idea of open pollinated seeds appeals to me.
So give these people a try and see if you like them.  They also have a blog.

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