Monday, May 7, 2012

Behind the Scenes

On Saturday Norristown held its third Arts Hill Festival.  The weather cooperated and the day was filled with music, art, dance, and food.  My husband and I volunteered, more because our good friend was a coordinator of the event, than our love for the arts and were at the site at 6am.  We started by running cable for the lights and sound – just like we did last year.  I was then given the responsibility of managing the main tent which comprised of two stages with alternating acts on each.  My main job was to make sure the acts arrived on time, went on at the right time, and had what they needed.  I had a few volunteers helping me, one of which operated the lights. I then ended the day pulling the cables out and helping pack up.  It was basically a 12 hour day and at the end I was really no good for anything else except relaxation.
I am not sure many people think about what happens behind the scenes at such an event.  There are many others who help get the show on the stage operating the lights and making sure the sound is correct, along with all the other facets of the show.  I think this experience has helped me understand that there is much more to any performance than meets the eye.  There are people who are working long hours to make sure you are entertained and these are not just the people on the stage.  It is a package deal and if it all goes well one never notices the “little people” because they are concentrating on the show.  The stars of the show get all the attention with the paparazzi following them and all fans screaming, but in the world of entertainment to me the real stars are the ones behind the scenes.

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