Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Kew Royal Botanical Gardens

I stumbled upon a BBC series on YouTube about the Kew Royal Botanical Gardens that was produced in 2010.  The gardens are located about 10 miles outside London and has a very impressive collection of live plants from all over the world as well as a seed collection housed in a very secure location to help with extinction.  The gardens are over 250 years old and spans about 300 acres.   Once the “playground” of the royal and very wealthy, it was opened to the public in 1910.  Since that time, it has expanded various buildings, exhibits, and displays including an annual plant auction.  Their horticulture school is one of the most prestigious in the world and many come to study there.
This garden is definitely on my bucket list.  They are open pretty much every day except Christmas but in July I understand that they have an open air concert series which features fireworks at night.  I would love to see that live as I love fireworks at any time.  Although in the spring, their flower exhibit is supposed to be the largest in the world.  But whatever time I see it, I anticipate it to be wonderful.

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