Monday, May 21, 2012

My Creative Husband

Sometime last year, my husband talked to the owner of a bicycle shop whom he knows.  He asked that the owner call him if a bicycle was brought in that was beyond repair.  His thought was that we could paint it up and display it on the wall of our house over the flower garden.  

A few weeks ago the call came through that a bicycle was available.  It was in a flood and was too rusted out to have anything done about it, at least as far as putting it back to riding condition. 

So we went over and picked it up and brought it back to the house.  We took the wheels and started painting.   We decided that if we hung it from the fence rather than on the house, we could enjoy it while sitting on the patio.  Besides we would not have to cut off the handlebars.  So he put up a piece of board in the spot that a fence panel was (it had been missing for a while and our neighbor did not replace it) and hung the bike from there.  I think it looks pretty cool, and a really different piece of “artwork” for the garden.

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