Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Wear Purple for Peace

Today is Wear Purple for Peace Day and I am wearing the required color.  Apparently aliens also like that color so if everyone wears purple today, then we may expect some aliens to arrive shortly.  Purple is the combination of blue and red, so the joining of political parties could be a peaceful thing.  Purple is the color of grapes and drinking wine can make you peaceful – well relaxed at any rate.  Purple is the color of the sunset, which is a very peaceful thing to see.  Purple is also the color of Lent in Christianity.  It is also the color of the domestic abuse awareness ribbons.
I wasn’t able to find out how this event came about, but how can you really argue about peace.  It should be is the lifelong challenge for all mankind.  It is the International Day of Peace at any rate, and that has been celebrated for the last 30 years.  It is a day for cease fires and non-violence worldwide and if wearing purple will help bring awareness to peace measure then I have no objections to it and wear it proudly.

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